Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Living it up (North): Mud Season

Greetings from dirt town! I am dirt, you are dirt, we are dirt, all is dirt.

And this from driving down mainstreet.
No offroading necessary.

If the West is wild, then the North is dirty. You can tell the season by the consistency of said dirt.

Summer: dust
Defining attribute: quantity of dirt in eyes

Fall: does not exist
Defining attribute: non-existence 

Winter: frozen dirt
Defining attribute: quantity of immovable dirt that you need to chip out with your boot or windshield scraper thing in that bit of the car behind your tires. Back of the wheel well? You know

Spring: mud
Defining attribute: ubiquity

In mud season, you can't step out of your door without getting covered in mud speckles and/or swaths to at least mid-calf. It's more noticeable with a puppy, who comes back from walks an entirely different colour. 

Not the best example, but lookit those feets!

On the plus side, it takes me so long to post things that we're now in the mud/dust transition season, so. Progress.

Also, have another puppy picture. Because cute.



    Also I am immensely fond of your banner. Is it new? Have I just not been here in forever? Anyway. Immensely fond.

    1. I replied to this but the internet ate it? That actually makes the point I was trying to make, so that works out. What I was saying was THANKS ALICE! It is new. I made it, though, and know little of the ways of the internet, so let me know if it's ever wonky-looking on a device you're using.

  2. Woowww that's a lot of dirt. But more importantly omg adorable puppy!!!

    1. It is so much dirt, Sarah. I appreciate your taking the time to comment on a post that pretty much just said that: "That's a lot of dirt!"

      The puppy helps. But she's really into eating said dirt, which is not great. Silly puppy.

  3. MORE PUPPY PICTURES, more blog posts by you.

    I have a birthday coming up, so you have to give me these things that I want.

    1. As if I could ever deny you, birthday or no. (Happy birthday soon!)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, Jenny! I like her. (Her name is Moro and she likes to bounce as she walks and to chew on your fingers.)

  5. So many commas in your header! *stares for five minutes*
    I am impressed by all the mud that your car has collected! Also, your dog is sporting super cute brown boots - wait that's more mud. She is so adorable!


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