Sunday, 8 June 2014

Suddenly, Posting

HEY, KIDS! It's been a while. Nice of Tika to arrange a minithon to encourage this auspicious return to the internets. 

And nice of OITNB to lower the participation expectations and provide what will surely be a gaggle of applicable GIFs (I'm still searching for an "Everybody dies" GIF. From the third or fourth episode of season 2? When Piper's taking back all her stuff? So versatile, in this GRRM world.)

The minithon was extra mini today. I read 68 pages (oof) from two books I'm re-reading (The Shining [even better than I remember] and Bridget Jones' Diary [more problematic than I remember, but still funny]). I did take a picture of my mini-puffs and mini-pop, though:

Note Orange is the New Black in the background
 and understand the previously mentioned
68 pages.

So, how about some lifey updates, seeing as we haven't got much in the way of books to talk about?

What's happened

Winter here was rough, mood- and weather-wise. I haven't really been reading, and I certainly haven't been blogging. I'm missed both things, but mainly I've missed you guys. So that's something I'll be working on doing more of: checking in with you all more regularly. 

My role at the environmental consulting company I work for has changed from copy editor + receptionist to copy editor, full stop. IT'S THE BEST and I like it very much.

I volunteered backstage with the local theatre group at the musical they put on in April, and it gave me infinitely more hope in terms of being happy here in the semi-North. Will definitely be auditioning when they get their new season going.

What's happening

Neil and I are buying a house!

Look how crappy and tiny it is! I love it with my whole heart. 

What will happen

I don't want to set myself up for failure and say I'll post once a week, but I'd certainly like to engage more often with you lot. I like your faces, you see.

Neil and I take possession of the house (tentatively dubbed Shack von Wittgenstein) in July, and we'll have to work out what our decorating scheme will be. He doesn't care, so I'm thinking white walls with many manner of interesting things on them (like every actual item from this guy's shop). And random, ultra-colourful furniture. Yes, good. Also, you know, we have to replace the 20-year-old water heater but details

And that's the haps, as they stand. Now to fend off the Sunday blues with more OITNB and laundry folding.



    Super-extra-big congrats on the full-stop copy editor gig and the new house. I would he happy to own even a storage shed, but there aren't any in LA for under a million.

    I'm finally watching OITNB S1. Here I come, world!

    1. HI, MEGS! Thank you! Exciting times. Yeah, LA is out of our price range, too. Really, any place with more than two roads is out of our price range. But think of the history that would come with your storage shed! Think of all the child stars that would have OD'd in it! ... That came out sadder than I expected. I apologise.

      Hurrah for OITNB! Hope you like it.


    Kayleigh we are delighted anytime you post because we love yooooou, so just do it whenevs. And YAY job and yay house and yay OITNB.

    1. I just, you guys are so great.

      Also, you are extra in particular great because you reblogged that OITNB gif I was looking for on tumblr. All the contraband cigarettes for you.

  3. Hooray on the new job work AND on the house buying!! The whole house buying stuff suuuuuucked, at least when I did it BUT so worth it in the end.

    1. House buying is TERRIFYING and involves seemingly too many steps and details but YES it will be really good to be in there. I just don't want to share laundry rooms with strangers anymore. They leave their shit in the washer for DAYS, Alley. DAYS. How long have you been in your house? Kudos for buying a place in a city! You are grown up and successful. It is known.

    2. Having my own washer/dryer is DEF a highlight of having our own place. Made the hours and hours and hooooours on the phone with banks and everyone worth it. How has it been for you? Once you officially close you can put all of the other stuff behind you and it's awesome

      Oh man I WISH I had a place in the city. Unfortunately I am in the Long Island suburbs (with decently easy access to the city). We've been here about 2 years. And we bought cos it was actually slightly cheaper to buy than rent a place, which makes no sense but you know, thanks recession!

    3. Still totally counts as a city, by comparison. Still super impressed.

  4. Wow, you've had so many things happening: Job upgrade! New Home Owner! Back to blogging! OITNB!

    I support your re-emergence here and anywhere. Don't feel bad 'cos you are too amazing to feel bad about yourself for just about anything.

    1. YOU ARE JUST. HOW ARE YOU GUYS. You are exceptionally wonderful and also I think you are great. Really looking forward to your Moran readathon! Got the link to the ebook download the other day. I squee'd.


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