Saturday, 11 January 2014

On a Winter's Day a Minithon

Though it be but little, it is fierce.

And then BOOM. It's minithon time again. 

9:00 am

Morning, bookternet! The unparalleled Tika is hosting the biannual minithon today: it's all the fun in one third the size. We'll be partaking in all the great reading-marathon activities: snacking, tweeting, taking pictures of our snacks, reading, snacking. Hashtag is #minithon and house words are "Just one more chapter."


From the bottom:

The Walking Dead, Compendium One, words by Robert Kirkman, art by Tony More, Charlie Adlard, and Cliff Rathburn. Decidedly not mini in size, this is a collection of volumes 1-8. So, you know, the volumes themselves are mini-books, page-wise.

Saga, Volume 2, words by Brian K Vaughan, art by Fiona Stapes. Mini in size, again, though my excitement to read it is on the mega-side. Think I'll start with this.

Quidditch Through the Ages, by Kennilworthy Whisp with slight JK Rowling involvement. Harry Potter companion book!

Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them, by Newt Scamander and maybe JKR again a little bit. I just had a quick look through and couldn't find the crumple-horned snorkack but WHATEVER I guess I'll still read this. (I've finished the introduction already, so this book is even mini-er.)

Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore, by Robin Sloan. I'm currently reading this, so I had to include in the pile. Mini because it's in paperback. And because the text is smaller than the other books in my pile, on account of it's a novel.

Bit of a reach, that one.

Finally, I've got Revenge, by Yoko Ogawa on my e-reader because good actual crap, I started reading it in October, and it's teeny, and I need to finish it already. It works out, because it's a series of semi-linked short stories. Mini format with creepy overtones? Get in my face, Revenge.

Time for food! I'm starting with some mini doughnuts and coffee while some mini quiches are baking away. 

Pardon the crappy picture. There's no time to frame and crop and whatnot! There's READING to be done!

What are you all starting with?

1:05 pm

Time for the mid-thon check-in post.

Books Finished: Saga, Vol. 2 and Revenge
Snacks Consumed: Mini doughnuts, mini quiches. Currently baking some pepper poppers. (Anything called a "popper" has GOT to be mini.)
Blogs Visited: Tika at Reading the Bricks (obvs), Emily at As the Crowe Flies and Reads, Rayna at Libereading, Megs at The Terrible Desire, Alley at What Read Read, Alice at Reading Rambo, and Laura at Devouring Texts.
Happies Happinessed: All of them. All the happy.

5:03 pm

THAT'S IT. Well done, internet! And thank you so much, Tika, for hosting this. Thanks to all you wonderful nutbars for being so wonderful. 

I wound up finishing Saga, Vol. 2RevengeFantastic Beasts & Where to Find ThemThe Walking Dead, Vol 2.; and a couple chapters of Mr. Penumbra's, which is getting delightfully quippy. 

How'd your reading go? How'd your snacking go? I had some mini-Turtles and they were a revelation. I may eat nothing but them forever and ever amen.

What a brilliant way to spend a Saturday. Now to get a copy of Bleak House for our next great adventure. (Have you signed up yet? Because you should sign up.)

Saturday on, periwinkles.