Saturday, 27 April 2013

Readathon, Hour, I just, the last one

I can't do it, you guys. 

I just, I'm so sleepy. But this was so fun. And also I quit.

Pages read this hour: 50, from Eleanor & Park, by Rainbow Rowell

Pages read, altogether now: 606

Books completed: The Haunting of Hill House, by Shirley Jackson
Moranthology, by Caitlin Moran

Good night, you crazy internet dwellers. So long and thanks for all the books.


  1. 600 PAGES, GIRL. That is the coolest. Happy Readathon End of Day.

  2. Such a good gif! I am so sleepy, I could just sit here watching it...

  3. YAY you read so much! Hope you're enjoying a bit of a rest now :)

  4. Kayleiiiigh! You did so many hours! Nice work! *applauds all over the place*

    Also, awwwwwww bunny!


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