Saturday, 18 August 2012

Attachments – Rainbow Rowell

This book, you guys. It's one to have at the ready for when your life is full of sads. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to reread it after I finish Room by Emma Donoghue, which I just started and is already really upsetting me. 

This review is a bit superfluous, seeing as Raych and Alice already HIGHLY recommended it and, really, what more do you need? But just in case, allow me to throw my frantic enthusiasm into the mix. Read this book, internets. It is full of happiness and unicorns. (Disclaimer: Contains no unicorns.)

Lincoln works at a newspaper as an Internet Security Officer. His job is to read employee emails that are flagged for inappropriate material, then send warnings to said naughty emailers. He comes across the emails of Beth and Jennifer, but they're so funny and so harmless that he can't bring himself to send them a warning. So the emails keep getting flagged, and Lincoln keeps reading them, even though he knows he's crossed that line from monitoring to creeping. I guess he forms ... attachments. 

But the nice thing is that Lincoln creeps in a very uncreepy way. And we want to keep reading Beth and Jennifer's emails anyway, so, creep on, Linc. 

I have a great deal of love for these ladies, and their friendship gives me the warm and fuzzies. This book, especially their emails, is full of underline worthy dialogue. My favourite:

<<Jennifer to Beth>> I was at the mall last night, walking around by myself, trying not to spend money, trying not to think about a delicious Cinnabon ... and I found myself walking by the Baby Gap. I've never been in a Baby Gap. So, I decided to duck in. On a lark.

<<Beth to Jennifer>> Right. On a lark. I'm familiar with those. So ...

<<Jennifer to Beth>> So ... I'm larking through the Baby Gap, looking at tiny capri pants and sweaters that cost more than ... I don't know, more than they should. And I get totally sucked in by this ridiculous, tiny fur coat. The kind of coat a baby might need to go to the ballet. In Moscow. In 1918. To match her tiny pearls.

And also, in a scene involving insufferable sorority girls refusing to eat bridal shower sandwiches painstakingly prepared by Beth:

<<Beth to Jennifer>> One of Kiley's bridesmaids actually said, "I never eat bread on the weekends. I save my carbs for partying."

<<Jennifer to Beth>> What kind of parties does she go to  cupcake parties?

<<Beth to Jennifer>> I think she meant beer.

<<Jennifer to Beth>> Oh, right.

All in all:


  1. I totally want to re-read this book right now. Lincoln was awesome, with his playing D&D and being such a big aloof nice guy. And those emails are HYSTERICAL. I actually miss this book a little bit. Always a good sign when you miss a book, cause you know, it's an inanimate object...

    1. An excellent sign. You get so invested in these characters.

  2. Yeah, I agree with Sarah -- pretty much anytime this book comes up, I'm like "I SHOULD RE-READ THAT NOW." But I just got RR's new book in the mail (ordered from ENGLAND, yo), so...gotta do that one first.

    1. I would also now like to re-read this book. so let me just throw my hat in that ring...

    2. It is a ring with many hats - that book is mega re-readable.

      I just googled RR's new book - is it Eleanor & Park? That looks so cute! Will have to read it. The snippet on her website made me think of Nick Hornby.

    3. It's totally Eleanor & Park. And after that is Fangirl. ALL THE RAINBOW ROWELL BOOKS.

  3. Oh this book. This book. I love this book. Anytime Lincoln thought about how he needed to stop reading their emails because of how wrong and creepy it is I would cry a little inside because don't take their emails away from meeeee.

    1. Totally! "Don't worry about it, man. Scruples are for sissies."


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