Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Vegas (comma) baby!

I am exceptionally behind on the Woman in White readalong. BUT, I have a really good excuse this time. 

I was in Vegas! Neil (the husband) and I went on a family vacation with his Mom and brother. Much fun was had by all.

We had luck:

(Voucher says $106.00)

And not so much:

We saw beautiful things:

And Vegas-y things:

And many, many barely covered nipples on call girl advertisements. I did not take a picture of any of those, so instead, here's the dirtiest penny in Las Vegas:

Still related, wouldn't you say? Now, it's back to sunny rainy windy Springtime in Victoria. And back to reading.

In conclusion, famous sign:

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  1. I approve of all of these pictures. Especially the penny one. That shit's important to record.


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