Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Woman in White Readalong: Twist!

SO. MANY. THINGS. (Disclaimer: most all of said "things" are spoilers.) I can't imagine reading this as a serial. 

Count Fosco shows his evil genius colours, highlighted by those shades of grey we all love so much. The Count finds a way to get Laura "out of the picture" and so grab "all of her money," without resorting to that ominous lake. It's evil, but it's not Evil. My initial thought when I read that Laura had gone a bit mental and lost much of her memory was that Wilkie was being lazy. The righting of the wrong needed more obstacles, and so he made sure that Laura would be of no help. I mean, is it really that easy for a mind to break? But then, there was another sneaky passage of time. It's not like Laura was in the Asylum for a week and emerged promptly in crazy pants. After months of having your identity positively denied, wouldn't you start to believe it? The mind is so powerful; if things don't make sense it will make them make sense.

You're not helping, brain.

Walter is back, in all his adventurous glory, and he and Marian resolve to prove that Laura is herself. Not such an easy goal. Sir Percival's and the Count's plan has succeeded so far, meaning that they be loaded and will spare no expense in covering their debt-free asses. Walter knows that Percy's had him followed before, and is on the lookout for it this time around. He forgets how much Percy knows, though. I love the moment in Marian's lawyer's office, when Walter realizes Sir Percy would definitely be having the building watched.

This is such an action packed section. Most importantly, we discover Percy's Secret. How times have changed! All that build-up, and the Secret seems completely underwhelming to me. I suppose it's the tampering with official documents that's deportation-worthy rather than the simple fact of being a bastard, but really. Seems like an overreaction. Still, in Percy's frantic efforts to cover up his shame, he gets burned (ha HA). 

With Percy out of the picture, Walter and Marian will have to look to the Count to discover the date Laura came to London. SURE to go well. 


  1. Walter: Not So Much With the Thinking Ahead.

    I love how everyone started there's with some variation of "SO MANY THINGS." Because daaamn, Wilkie, that was an actiony section.

    Did you see the Futurama ep Insane in the Mainframe? Fry's put in a robot insane asylum and ends up thinking he's a robot. It is good times.

    1. There's no other way to start. There are infinite things.

      I *have* seen that episode of Futurama! Totally applies here. Now I need to watch it again for all its subtle nuances. Luckily, Netflix has it in Canada, which is a victory, because Canadian Netflix has a total of 3 titles.

  2. Walter made some mistakes, yes...but can we talk about how he armed himself with a CUDGEL and outran a gang of murderous thugs? That was a proud moment for Walter supporters everywhere.

    I'm still MIGHTILY suspicious of Laura. It seems like more than just a plot device that she can't remember anything in that very specific time period. Or maybe I just really want her to be Anne disguised as Laura because Anne deserves to have a happy life. Don't make me look bad, Wilkie.


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