Friday, 13 April 2012

The Red Pen, She Be Mighty

I work in administration at a local magazine. My ultimate goal, though, is to become Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz  an actress an editor. Is there anything so satisfying? Seeing an error, fixing it, and making the story better. Knowing the language (loosely) and applying that knowledge. Removing commas from sketchy situations and adding them where they are SHOWCASED AS THE PINNACLE OF PUNCTUATION THAT THEY ARE. Sure, it's not brain surgery. I might never "change" someone's "life," but holy moly folks, I sure do enjoy it. And it's communication, dudes. It is important. Editors help break down communication barriers: "This is what I really mean." Also, I never know how stupid my own writing sounds until somebody else reads it.

What I'm getting at, however rambley, is that I got to proofread a draft of the magazine today and IT. WAS. AWESOME. This calling, it's mine.


  1. It's so rare to find someone who enjoys what they do for a living! Glad you find your calling a blessing and that you have the ability to save me from the anguish of reading the 'wrong' "your/you're", "its/it's", "loose/lose", etc.

    1. It does irk you a bit when you find one of those in whatever you're reading, doesn't it? The worst part is that something gets through, every time! It's when your brain auto-corrects what you're reading that you miss stuff. "Thank you, brain, but you're not helping."

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